Noyo Harbor is tucked into the forested hills at the south end of Fort Bragg, the largest town on the California coast between San Francisco and Eureka. Home to spectacular rivers, redwood forests, pristine beaches and trails, it’s an ideal destination for both visitors and small businesses. This growing, prosperous city offers a unique blend of natural resources, recreation, and scenery.

Fort Bragg Groundfish Association is creating new opportunities for fishermen whose family-owned boats and fishing operations are critical to the region’s economic stability. We are leading change, cultivating partners, securing investments, exploring opportunities, increasing awareness and broadening our impact.

Our Values

We live and lead from the principles, purpose and passion that give our lives meaning. Our values are expressed through our members, operations, and partners. Our values are translated into strategies and action plans that have the power to transform and sustain all that we have inherited.

Collaboration – FBGA creates access to a network that produces change.

FBGA offers members access to a network of fishermen, community and environmental partners that have the capacity to produce results that further our vision of sustainability and honor our heritage.

Stewardship – Preservation and renewal.

FBGA is protecting our ocean, our fishing heritage, and our community. The network is dedicated to preserving the privilege of fishing, revitalizing the community’s working waterfront and protecting the delicate ecological balance of the ocean.

Advocacy – Bringing people together to see the problems and own the solutions

FBGA provides expert tools, access, and support that advances sustainable fishing to our membership of fishermen.

Innovation – Nothing changes unless people adopt change.

The act of in innovating is transforming. Nothing changes unless people adopt shared visions and agree to pursue strategies that are intent on raising all boats.