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Find Local Seafood with Trace and Trust

The Fort Bragg Groundfish Association has partnered with Trace and Trust to bring restaurant dining to a whole new level. Trace and Trust’s iPhone app and Android app allow diners to find restaurants based on the type of seafood, meat or produce that has recently been delivered. Users can customize searches to see where fish

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Local Seafood for Fort Bragg Schools

In October 2014, the Fort Bragg Groundfish Association initiated a new program to provide Fort Bragg Unified School District’s Nutrition Department with nutritious and delicious seafood for dishes to be served to the middle school and high school students in this community. The fish for this program is currently being caught by Captain Charlie Price

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California Risk Pool

In September 2011, the Fort Bragg Groundfish Association and the Central Coast Sustainable Groundfish Association formalized of a new community-focused fishing agreement — called a risk pool — that pioneered a cooperative approach between local fishery stakeholders to keep fishing communities in business, keep local seafood on our tables and help protect our marine resources.

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